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Vocal Ability      
Vocal Strength, Pitch, Tone, Melody, Song choice in relation to contestant’s vocal ability.

Stage Presence
Eye Contact, Confidence, Connection with Audience, Facial Expressions & Body Language, Comfort Level.

Appropriateness of attire in relation to genre of music performed.

Score extra points with patriotism of song and dress.    



1.  Depending on the contest location, the first 30 or 50 contestants signed up and paid for the competition are in... first-come-first-serve. Fees are non-refundable for this non-profit benefit. Professional or amateur status will not persuade entries. 

2.  There can either be a 1, 2 or more night event: The first round will be the preliminary auditions typically up to 30 singers and the singers in the finals night will be announced at the end of the preliminary round.

3.  Review CONTEST SCHEDULE to check for the competition locations, dates and times. Contact the sound system service listed about any music tracks, hook-ups or other technical questions about open mic or karaokee. You must find out about sound capability using backing tracks on CD, MP3 or iPod.  Artists may sing with instruments or another artist backup. No drums please.

4.  You will score more points with the judges if you choose a song that is patriotic... love for our land or Amercian people! And, or dress patriotic.

5.  The top 4 singers will receive prizes from their local competition. First place winners will have first choice of a prize, second place will have second chance to choose, etc.  

Each contestant will be in a drawing for a NASHVILLE TRIP with Lee Greenwood.  The trip winner will be chosen during the Freedom Sound Off competition in Nashville, February 10, 2014.  The winner will be contacted by ONF staff to make arrangements for their trip. You must request to be in the drawing from your online or at door application.  If you are in more than one competition in the year a Nashville trip is drawn, you are allowed to increase your odds by having your name in  multiple times -- one for each contest.

6.  Time Limit: There is no set time limit, but we ask that you use your discretion and not choose a song that is over 4 minutes.  A disc that fails to play, skips in mid-performance, or has any other malfunction does not give the contestant the right to start over or use a different disc. The cause of malfunction may or may not be taken into consideration for allowing a contestant to continue. A contestant who has performed a portion of their song prior to any malfunction may or may not have their performance cut short. In the case of such action the judges will be instructed to judge the contestant as though the contestant completed the song.

7.   Contestants, their family members or associates are not allowed to have any contact with any judge during the contest performance periods. Judges on break during a contest period are treated as though they are still judging the contest. Offering bribes of any nature to a judge to help advance a contestant is strictly prohibited. Contestants, do not hang out with the judges, don't drink with them, and don't eat with them. It is okay to say hello when passing them in the hall but, there is no reason for you to develop any kind of relationship with them.

8.  Anyone who has been signed to a record label is not eligible for this competition

9.  Any contestant, family member or associates who argue the decision of the judges may be considered unruly and the contestant may be disqualified from advancing in competition. Should the argument concerning the judged outcome of a final event, and the contestant be awarded a prize that contestant may be stripped of the prize and such prize awarded to another contestant. Decisions of the judges are final.

10.  Contestants, their family or associates who exhibit offensive behavior during any portion of the contest will disqualify that contestant from further competition. Any singer profanity or sexually suggestive matterial on clothing will not be allowed.This is a family oriented competition, so no profanity or sexually suggestive song lyrics will be permitted. Our rule is, if you can't find it in the Bible then it's not allowed! (Damn and Hell are permitted.) If there is profanity in your song, change it to an appropriate word! Judges will have the right to disqualify.

11.  Using "illegally burned" or “pirated” discs is a serious copyright infringement and is against the law. Contestants found to be using "illegally burned" or "pirated" discs at any time during any portion of the competition will be immediately disqualified from advancing in the competition. No Exceptions.

12. All contestants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present at all stages of the competition.

13. Singer registration fees are $20 ($10 for Post 9-11 Veterans).


Application: By filling out this SINGER APPLICATION to participate in any of the ONF Freedom Sound Off contests, it confirms that you agree and will abide by the above rules and guidelines.

Hold Harmless: As a participant in the Freedom Sound Off contest you will need to agree to indemnify and hold harmless ONF any sound system company providing music. Music and all event locations on account of and from any claims, charges, or actions resulting from my participation in the contest.

Publicity Release: As a participant, you will further acknowledge that your name and photos taken at the contest may be used for media purposes and you will need to authorize the use of your name or image for the purpose of this ONF fundraiser.